Taming the Particle Zoo

Since the discovery of the neutron in 1932, our understanding of matter and its constituents has grown tremendously to include over 90 different particles. In this interactive exercise, students examine the properties of subatomic particles, identify patterns, and ultimately explore a theory that will help to ‰ÛÏtame the particle zoo.‰۝ For senior classes, students are challenged to use the quark model to explain the patterns they previously identified.


  • Lesson plans: Taming the Particle Zoo
  • Videos: Beyond the Atom: Remodelling Particle Physics (approx. 30 min)
  • Activities: Taming the Particle Zoo (worksheet and solutions)
  • Supplementary Materials: Particle Zoo Cards, Background: The Particle Zoo and the Standard Model, and more

(Note: all lesson plans and worksheets provided as PDFs and modifiable MS Word documents)